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Our People

Philipp Schillinger

Research Scientist

 Philipp Schillinger

About Me

My goal is to make autonomous systems more intelligent and cooperative such that humans can interact with them easily and effective. At BCAI, I pursue this goal by researching and developing robots that can learn and optimize new tasks, either from human instructions or own practice, but preferable both. My specific focus lies on high-level representations and abstractions of models, algorithms, and systems.

Before joining BCAI, I studied at TU Darmstadt ad participated at various international robot competitions such as the DARPA Robotics Challenge and RoboCup. I also developed the open-source behaviour engine FlexBE for ROS. Afterwards, I joined Bosch as industrial PhD student at KTH Stockholm on temporal-logic behaviour planning for multi-robot task decomposition and allocation. I also took an active role in the EU-H2020 project Co4Robots, both as PhD student at KTH and later as project lead at Bosch.

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My Research Fields

  • Robotics
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Formal Methods