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Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Bosch - BCAI - Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Who we are

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence is a center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) excellence within Bosch Research. We enable Bosch to deploy cutting-edge AI technologies into products and services creating solutions that are truly "Invented for life".

Taking advantage of our full set of outstanding and historical domain expertise and world-class AI methods, we actively drive applied AI projects from the first idea to the implementation, from fundamental research to real-world product.

With our excellent skills, agile working culture, and open mindset, we are at the spearhead of AI research and applications. Our teams and maybe your future colleagues include domain experts, data professionals and software minds in diverse and international teams all over the world.

What we do

It is our vision to take the connected and digitalized world to the next level with the help of AI making people's lives easier, safer and more comfortable. To make this a reality, we work in cross-functional teams and leverage big data from more than 230 Bosch plants worldwide.

We conduct cutting-edge research focused on safe, robust, secure and explainable AI for use in smart, connected, and autonomous technologies across all Bosch business sectors.

By collaborating with international partners, we are committed to fostering scientific exchange. To further expand our research network, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with thought leaders from industry and academia.

Explore our fields of expertise

We work on a wide variety of cutting-edge AI research topics along with real-world applications ensuring the successful transfer into Bosch business.


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Bosch Research

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At Bosch, research forms the basis of our products and services. Working in an international research network, we address the challenges posed by mobility, urbanization, digitalization, safety and security, and a wide range of other topics.