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Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

 Bosch - BCAI - Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence


The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) was created in 2017 out of existing competence centers to deploy cutting-edge AI technologies across Bosch products and services creating solutions that are "Invented for life". We employ roughly 270 associates worldwide, dedicated to over 185 projects within seven locations: Germany, India, United States, Israel and China.
Using data from Bosch's various business divisions, we conduct cutting-edge research that focuses on safe, secure, robust, and explainable AI. We design and implement AI for smart, connected, and autonomous technologies across Bosch business sectors.
By collaborating with international partners, we are committed to fostering scientific exchange. We actively look for opportunities to expand our research network further and to collaborate with industry thought leaders.

Bosch AI Talent Accelerator

The next step in your AI career starts here!

Udacity and Bosch collaboration

Bosch and online learning platform Udacity teamed up to create a scholarship focused on building a pipeline of qualifieid AI professionals to expand and deploy cutting-edge technologies at Bosch.

Applications are open now until July 5, 2022 on Udacity.

Enroll in one of three Nanodegree Programs

Level up your career with this unique scholarship opportunity (1,000$ + value) and build in-demand skills ready for industry and attractive AI roles at Bosch.

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Data Scientist

Gain real-world data science experience with projects built to mirror a fast-paced, agile workplace. These in-demand skills will enable you to create cutting-edge AI.

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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers help us operationalize our infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services at high velocity. In cross-functional teams you will create software solutions of tomorrow.

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Data Engineer

Data engineering for AI applications is an integral part of designing smart, connected and autonomous technologies. Enroll to build innovative data infastructure that can be applied to AI projects.

Our Fields of Expertise

We work on a wide variety of cutting-edge AI research topics along with real-world applications ensuring the successful transfer into Bosch business.

Bosch Research

Bosch Corporate Research and Advance Engineering

At Bosch, research forms the basis of our products and services. Working in an international research network, we address the challenges posed by mobility, urbanization, digitalization, safety and security, and a wide range of other topics.