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Bosch AI CON 2021

AI CON 2021

What was AI CON 2021 about?

Industrial AI or how to bring AI to the real world. A topic that not only Bosch is affected by. At Bosch AI CON 2021, the annual AI conference organized by the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) and CyberValley, 2 300 experts had the opportunity to learn about this hot topic.

At Bosch AI CON, academia and industry discuss the expansion of Industrial AI and seek ways to transfer it into real-world applications.

Giving the chance to visit the virtual exhibition, exchange ideas in open virtual meetings and also listening to exciting keynotes from top AI experts, the first completely virtual AI CON was a great success in achieving a discussion on how to overcome yet hurdlers and challenges in this field.

The program featured keynotes from academic and industry speakers as Michael Bolle (formerly Bosch CTO/CDO), Nuria Oliver (MIT), Feiyu Xu (Global Head of AI at SAP) and more speakers of renown institutions.

What is Industrial AI?

Industrial AI is the industrial application of AI for the creation of value.

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Why did we decide to hold a virtual event?

Ensuring the safety of our guests is our top priority, which is why we have decided to have a virtual Bosch AI CON 2021.

Impressions of Bosch AI CON 2021

AI CON 2021 - Throwback

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