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Our People

Michael Volpp

PhD Student

Michael Volpp-PhD Student-Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligenz (BCAI)-Renningen

About Me

In recent years, deep reinforcement learning algorithms have shown astonishing performance on a range of challenging control tasks. Unfortunately, such results typically require cumbersome fine-tuning of many hyperparameters, which often proves to be notoriously difficult and time-consuming. Currently I'm interested in understanding the cause for this lack of robustness and in devising improved algorithms which produce more stable results. Before joining the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, I received bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from University of Ulm and a master's degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from LMU and TU Munich.

My research interests include (deep) reinforcement learning, policy search algorithms, Bayesian optimization, and probabilistic modeling.

My Focus Topics

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Policy Search Algorithms
  • Bayesian Optimization