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AI Verify Foundation

Bosch as a new member of the AI Verify Foundation

Bosch becoming member of the non-profit foundation based in Singapore to build trust through ethical AI

Logo of the AI Verify Foundation

At Bosch, it is our vision to take the connected world to the next level with the help of AI making people's lives safer, easier, and more comfortable. When developing and using AI products, we always act in accordance with the Bosch values of quality, reliability, and safety as well as the Bosch Code of Ethics for AI. In view of the ongoing debates about trustworthy AI, Bosch aspires that joining the foundation will enable it to network closely with like-minded advocates of AI.

What is the AI Verify Foundation?

The non-profit wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocommunications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), based in Singapore, aims to foster a community that helps enable, test and govern responsible AI. The mission of the AI Verify Foundation is to make AI safe and beneficial for humanity.

The global open-source community convenes AI owners, solution providers, users, and policymakers.

Common ground in the endeavour to develop trustworthy AI

In a shared endeavour to build trust through ethical AI, Bosch decided to become a member of the Foundation in November 2023 to connect with the trusted AI ecosystem in Singapore, which includes government, academia, and industry.

Further being part of the AI Verify Foundation enables Bosch to contribute to the use and development of AI testing frameworks, standards, and best practices. This knowledge can then be passed on to the entire Bosch Group to create added value.