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Code of Ethics for AI

Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence


Bosch has established ethical “red lines” for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The company has now issued guidelines governing the use of AI in its intelligent products.

At a glance: The guidelines in Bosch’s AI code of ethics
  1. All Bosch AI products should reflect our “Invented for life” ethos, which combines a quest for innovation with a sense of social responsibility.
  2. AI decisions that affect people should not be made without a human arbiter. Instead, AI should be a tool for people.
  3. We want to develop safe, robust, and explainable AI products.
  4. Trust is one of our company’s fundamental values. We want to develop trustworthy AI products.
  5. When developing AI products, we observe legal requirements and orient to ethical principles.

Download the Bosch code of ethics for AI

Bosch AI Guidelines PDF

Our guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence

Other Responsibilities

Conducting cutting-edge Research according to our code of ethics for AI and making sure that aspiring young researchers are adequatly supported is something we also take responsibility for.