Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Bosch AI Young Researcher Award 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad you want to apply for our Bosch AI Young Researcher Award. If you have any questions concerning the award or the application process, you will find more information in the FAQ below.

For further questions that are not covered by the FAQ, please contact us via e-mail at ai-prize@de.bosch.com.

Which formal criteria should the application meet (language, file format, etc.)?

Please submit all documents as PDF and in English language. Overall file size should not exceed 10MB.

Will I get a confirmation that my application was registered successfully?

You will receive an automatic reply from us as soon as the application goes through.

Who is not eligible?

Bosch employees and collaborators are not eligible. The same applies to people who have received their PhD more than 6 years old currently working for a company or profit research institution. Furthermore, the submitted research project and its application must be in accordance with Bosch values.

Who should submit the application for a research team?

We prefer applications of individuals that work for Universities or other Non-Profit Research Institutions. If you want to submit the application of a team, please define one main applicant. Please note, that the prize will be given to the winner’s University or Research Institution and not to single persons.

Are projects only eligible if they are at the same University where I got my PhD?

No, there is no such restriction. You can apply from any University or Non-Profit Institution where the planned research project is to be conducted.

Who chooses the winner?

The winner will be chosen by our jury board. You can find the info about our jury board here.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be informed on October 1, 2019 and announced at the Bosch AI Conference on October 29, 2019, located at the Bosch Corporate Research center in Renningen, Germany.

Where can I ask further questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via ai-prize@de.bosch.com.