Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Our Research Field

Large-Scale AI and Deep Learning

What Motivates Us

Most advances in novel machine learning algorithms are developed in an academic setting and based on smaller datasets. As a result, these algorithms are not ready for production use on real-world datasets. Scaling so far has been restricted to a select few industrial settings. To efficiently deploy AI at scale, we need to develop distributed machine learning algorithms and pipelines, and work on techniques to efficiently explore multidimensional hyper-parameter spaces.

Our Approach

One way to scale training of models is through multi-task architectures: these architectures exploit the correlation between several tasks to improve performance over individual tasks. As key enabler for wider applicability, multi-task architectures need to be able to learn from noisy, unlabeled or alternatively labeled data sets. Further, we investigate combination of distributed computing paradigms with techniques for efficient hyper-parameter optimization. To scale data preprocessing, we focus on techniques combining multiple sources of data to provide ground truth labels.


Techniques which are able to effectively explore multi-dimensional hyper-parameter spaces are a key enabler across domains. At Bosch, we focus on deployment of these techniques for semantic search capabilities on large-scale video databases. Our research aims to provide accurate frame-level and scene-level tags for video sequences, enabling efficient search of desired scenes.

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