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Our Research Field

AI-Based Dynamics Modeling

What Motivates Us

While AI-based modeling has been demonstrated and applied to stationary physical systems with great success, accurate modeling of dynamic systems is still challenging. Scalable models, high accuracy demands, uncertainty estimates, modular and reusable models as well as limited computational resources make this a challenging application domain. Typical applications of these models lie in understanding system behavior as well as optimizing system design, control structures and controller parameters.

Our Approach

To tackle the challenges associated with physics-based modeling in a dynamic environment, we focus on developing accurate dynamics models, such as Gaussian process-based models or recurrent neural networks, that can capture dynamic effects on different time scales. Applications also require the modeling of the system’s unobservable inner states and propagation of uncertain states over time. Furthermore, efficiently learning AI-based models requires optimal data acquisition without destroying the system during measurement, requiring research in the context of safe exploration for active learning. In this context, we also examine how to integrate expert knowledge into or transfer learned knowledge to new models, in particular when data acquisition is cumbersome. Finally, we investigate machine learning approaches in order to optimally control the system while guaranteeing controller stability.


Recent exhaust gas legislation and demands to environmental protection require clean emissions of combustion engines in any given driving scenario. AI-based methods enable efficient development of solutions by providing insights into the system behavior. Many further Bosch applications exist that require optimization of system parameters via dynamics models, such as battery management or manufacturing processes.

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Research Application

Bosch BCAI - Simultaneous Estimation of Rewards and Dynamics

Modeling a Physical System for System Control and Calibration