Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
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AI Applied

Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Services

We apply cutting-edge AI across Bosch products and services to create solutions that are "Invented for life." We scale research results and generate value through deployment of machine learning in products, processes and services.


We focus on generating real-world impact in manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain by developing AI-enabled products and services. Through application of differentiating AI across Bosch domains, we develop novel value propositions for our customers.



Bosch is a world class manufacturing company. We operate hundreds of manufacturing plants with thousands of assembly lines providing the world with products that are "Invented for life."

At the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, we leverage the latest big data and machine learning technologies to optimize quality and efficiency throughout our manufacturing operations. Advances in big data technologies have revolutionized the way we collect and analyze data within our plants. Today, we are exploring deep learning techniques to further enhance the quality we provide to our customers, amongst others through application in inspection processes.



As an engineering and electronics company, Bosch is committed to create value for our customers in a variety of fields ranging from home appliances to vehicles.

Along the engineering process, we generate and collect data at various steps: through simulation, testing and field operations. We leverage AI technologies to extract value from this data and advance functionality and design of our products. Further, we streamline and enhance technical capabilities, e.g. where complexity of physical processes demands innovative approaches.

Supply Chain Management


The flow of goods and materials is critical for our operations at Bosch. We leverage the increasing amount of data which is generated along the supply chain to further optimize processes and ensure timely delivery of our products.

At the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, we use AI to solve related challenges, such as management of inventory, forecasting of demand and optimization of packaging sizes, to streamline operations and ensure availability of materials and goods.

Intelligent Services


AI creates real value in products and services that are exciting and evoke enthusiam. Rapid growth in connectivity of sensors and physical systems is impacting every Bosch business domain - Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology. By 2020, Bosch expects to have >90% of its products IP enabled. This directly translates in growing opportunities to offer new value-added services.

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence is enabling this transformation through the fusion of state-of-the-art big data and machine learning technologies with domain expertise. From community-based parking to predicting disease risk of tomatoes, we build the foundation for new value-added services across domains.